Guelph hydro company warns of scam threatening power cut

The hydro company in Guelph is warming customers of a scam where the caller threatens to cut off a person’s power if they don’t pay an overdue bill in 45 minutes.

Alectra Utilities, formerly Guelph Hydro, says customers reported receiving the calls on Monday. The payments are for an overdue Guelph Hydro account, the scammer says, and immediate payment is necessary by credit card.

“Beware of scam calls asking for immediate payment. Customers should never give their account number or credit card number to callers,” Alectra Utilities said in a release, noting if customers question whether it’s a legitimate call, they can hang up and call the utility’s office.

“Alectra Utilities does not disconnect customers without prior notice,” the company said. “The company mails disconnect notices, hand delivers notices, makes phone calls and knocks on the door when a disconnection is about to take place.”

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