Cookie bandit on the loose in Peachland

Call it a criminal case of late-night munchies.

RCMP are investigating after someone broke into Bliss Bakery in Peachland on Monday and stole four trays of cookies.

The bakery’s owner says the only cookies that weren’t taken were the gluten-free chocolate hazelnut ones.

“It was a little insulting because they’re pretty good cookies,” said Darci Yeo. “So obviously (the robber[s]) are not celiac.

Cookie crumb trail

Yeo says an alarm at her shop was triggered at 3 a.m. PT after someone forced their way into the building.

When Yeo arrived she found the lock on the door broken. She checked the footage from her surveillance camera and saw a person in her bakery.

“It was just so strange that they came directly in, went behind the counter, grabbed the cookies and laughed,” Yeo told Radio West host Sarah Penton. “It was like they had the munchies or something.”

‘Considerate thieves’

No cash or other valuables were stolen.

“Fortunately, they didn’t smash anything. They were considerate thieves in that way,” said Yeo. “I think it was the most affordable break in we’ve had.”

However, she does want the trays back that the cookies were in as they are specially made.

“I hope that they enjoyed the cookies,” she added. “But if they can just drop the trays off I would certainly appreciate that.”

RCMP are investigating after two thieves broke into Bliss Bakery in Peachland last weekend and stole four trays of cookies. 2:48

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