Toronto: Get Expert Tips on Book Self-Publishing and Marketing

For most authors, the idea of publishing their own book can be daunting. Having to make so many decisions can become quite overwhelming. Choosing either paperback or eBook? Print ‘on demand’ or print in advance to enable bookshop distribution? Editing, layout choice, cover design, marketing strategy and sales approach, just to mention a few.

Very few people can be termed experts in all aspects of self-publishing, which is why it’s important that most authors considering this path should seek out expert help to fill gaps in their own knowledge and provide proven tips to launching a successful self-published book.

The  Online Event – Book Self-Publishing Orientation, offers something exciting for all authors, with sessions on all aspects of publishing, ranging from writing through production, marketing and distribution, and all points in between. This online event seeks to empower writers to self-publish commercially successful high quality and mass-marketable books, while also avoiding critical costly mistakes self-published authors.

The key speaker for the event is Raymond, a renowned author of over 10 titles with 20 years of experience in the book publishing industry.Being a member of the University of Toronto community—with a background teaching law and designing successful news blogs—Raymond has contributed heavily to the success of AgoraPublishing.com, one of the very few book self-publishing companies that go the extra mile to ensure that the whole idea of self-publishing a book is demystified and also made very simple and affordable for all writers regardless of their financial strengths.

According to statisticsanalysing Amazon sales data, self-published books have an almost 45% share of the market (growing from 27% since February 2014), while the Big Five has fallen from 39% to 23%. This goes to show that the self-publishing market has grown quickly, occupying the biggest market share.

Self-publishing can be the road to independence as it provides personal freedom and control of the entire creative process. This online event provides writers with the vital steps needed to produce, market and distribute high quality and mass-marketable self-published books.

The speaker will share his expertise and experience—both good and bad—with attendees and the question and answers sessions would equally provide deeper insights into successfully self-publishing and marketing your already published book.

The Book Self-Publishing + Marketing – Question & Answer Session would be held on Mon, October 22, 2018 from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT. The cost is CA$25 for general admission via Skype online or CA$95 for extended VIP consulting for one hour after the event.

For more information, send a text message to (514) 712-7516 or visit the event page

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