Authors: Top 7 Reasons Why a Self-Published Book Fails to Sell

Many writers are in a rush to get their books published and in the process, they do first what should be done last. Derek Haines in a post on Just Publishing Advice notes that “Getting book or ebook published and available for sale on Amazon is the very last step in the process, and not the very first.” A lot of preparation and planning go into bringing a new book to the faces of the target audience. It is lack of these preparations that usually lead to poor sales and rob writers the enthusiasm of self-publishing. By avoiding the seven mistakes listed below, you will be giving your book a greater chance of success.

1. Publishing a book without a target audience

Different readers have different tastes and that is the reason why books are categorized into different genres. Taking your time to learn and understand reader demographic will be of immense benefit when it comes to marketing. Advertising romance to avid spy readers, for example, will be a colossal waste of time and money.

2. Poor quality books

When you sell your books, a review means a lot. A nasty review is enough to crush your sales. One of the reasons why self-published books usually get a bad review is due to editing. Kristen Eckstein says, “Ensure your book’s content is clean and professionally edited by a book industry expert, and you’ll go a long way towards satisfying your readers.”

3. Bad cover design

There is a popular saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but for a self-published book, a good cover design means a lot in turning casual searchers to potential buyers. If you can outsource a single step in your book production, make sure you hire a professional book cover designer.

4. Awful formatting

In the eBook world, formatting is key. A well-formatted book including line spacing, use of bold and italics, and text alignment can increase the reader experience. A well-written story can still be difficult to read if poorly formatted.

5. A high price tag

Book pricing is an extremely sensitive topic. If your book falls outside the ‘buying range’ its chances of selling out slims. A wise approach is to look at other books in your genre and set your price in accordance.

6. Not interacting with the potential audience

Having an active social media handle where you engage with your audience can be an easy way to grow a list of potential buyers. Sadly, many self-published authors see no need to grow their social cycle.

7. Marketing

Even if you have a great book, don’t expect potential readers to come knocking on your door to get one. Even if you do everything right but fail to tell people about your book, it still won’t sell.
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