Agora Book Self-Publishing Ottawa Boosts Writer Sales Over CreateSpace

OTTAWA – Are you a frustrated writer that tried accessing the services of a traditional publishing house and failed? Did you decide to self-publish on platforms like CreateSpace but fail to see the sales? If yes, then you are not alone in the sense that AgoraPublishing.com is keen on turning your misfortunes around.  Self-publishing, platforms like CreateSpace are good but Agora Publishing beats them all by offering subtle but critical differences that determine whether the book will be a success— or join the million or so books that are self-published each year but fail to make a mark in the publishing arena.

Agora Publishing has been in business since 1997 and over the course of time has developed a platform  approach that fosters writers’ success.  In terms of publishing, CreateSpace and Agora Publishing offer the same basic product. Both publishers offer print- on-demand services where the author has greater control over their work.  Both publishers allow the authors to design their books; though Agora’s platform offers better book cover and interior designing options.

The two platforms have a quick turnaround time from start to finish.  Both do not charge set- up fees and they do not force authors into long term contracts. Warehousing or inventory fees are also not charged by the two publishers and both publishers offer distribution channels.  Like for like, everything is same so far.

However, the differences emerge where it matters most and Agora Publishing takes the honors for better service. First of all, Agora Publishing is a not-for-profit publisher; meaning the author takes 100% profits.  CreateSpace gives its authors between 30-40% of the profits. Agora Publishing goes further and offers the author marketing channels to help bring in the readership. Through its book and authors website development, authors are better able to take advantage of internet marketing; which has proven to be effective in marketing tool, without a doubt.

Agora Publishing also offers authors substantive editing.  Other platforms, including Createspace, do not offer this or do so at an exorbitant cost. Yet editing alone has been considered one of the biggest undoing for self-publishers.  Derek Haines, Australian English teacher and Author of 8 bestsellers had this to say in his the article, “7 reasons why a Book fails to sell,” published in his blog Just Publishing Advice.

“Without a shadow of doubt, a book that is badly written and structured, poorly proofread, badly formatted on full of errors and typos will fail miserably.”

Unfortunately, many authors in their haste to be published do skim on avoiding all this, and then wonder why the books’ sales have not picked up.

This is why if you are an author or scholar—hoping to achieve publishing success,with regards to books sales or book distribution— then Agora Publishing should be your port of call.

Agora Publishing is Canadian based, though it offers it’s publishing to all authors from all walks of life. So it doesn’t matter if you are in North America, South America or New Zealand. All that matters is you have some elbow grease, a soft copy of your manuscript, access to a computer as well as internet connection and you are good to go.

This is why if you have a ready manuscript, and are trying to avoid the pitfalls many self-publishing face, contract Agora Publishing through the contact below and see yourself succeed as one of the chose few successful authors.

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